Door County Fall Colors

The Door County fall leaf colors are, many say, more spectacular this fall than ever.

Check out this video from 2013…and then on the Door County back roads and compare!

Lisa Bieri
Door County Realty, Inc.

Fireworks Door County Style 3

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Pumpkin Head…Door County Style.

Pumpkin Head Door County Style

Tis the season for pumpkins and deer in Door County.   The roadside farm stands are full of round, orange pumpkins.  While you are out hunting for your pumpkin, watch the roadside for more than the farm stands…the deer are out in full force now day and night!

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Leaning Tower…Door County Style

Cherry Shed Door County Style

I was out taking pictures at a new listing in Jacksonport, Door County last week and spied this great shed.  I grew up in the neighborhood and remember it at Art’s Shed, the place he kept his little tractor.  It hasn’t been used for probably 30 years, but still stands and brought back a flood of warm memories.

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Save The Earth & Cut Your Utility Bill By 10%

Turn down your heat by 1 degree or two and save up to 10% off your utility bill.

Eighty percent of the energy used in a home is for heating and hot water, so carefully managing our domestic heating can make a big difference in our utility bills and  the amount of carbon dioxide that we create.  Carbon dioxide is one of those greenhouse gasses reported to be responsible for climate change.

Our homes and businesses are often overheated.  The ideal living room temperature is 65 to 68 degrees farenheit and bedrooms are healthier at 61 degrees. 

Does that sound a bit cool to you—after this week of below zero temps here in Door County I know it does to me.  I’m going to test this–one degree at a time!  I’ll let you know how it goes as far as my comfort level and my utility bill.

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Save the Earth…Save Door County

How we go about our daily lives–what we eat, how we get to work, where we build our houses–has a transformative effect on places as far away as the North Pole and Antarctica, and most noticeably on our immediate surroundings here in Door County, Wisconsin. We are responsible to protect the earth, and those of us who live and visit Door County are responsible to protect this special place.

So, for 2011 I will be blogging about not only living in Door County, but ways I am working to help protect this place that is at once beautiful and fragile.

Today, January 1, 2011, I resolve to be a conscious consumer.

One of the best ways I can change the world is to vote with my wallet. I will buy only what I need, I will buy the best quality and most eco-friendly items available, and I won’t give in to short-lived trends that fill my life with useless things.

Before buying I will stop to consider how and where the item was made. Did the process produce pollution?

I’ll consider how much energy it uses.

Can the packaging be recycled?

Will my purchase last a long time and can it be easily repaired?

I will begin to look and think about the items that I can buy from local sources-food, clothing, and gifts–because the closer I am to the source of the product, the lower it ecological footprint.  Shop local!  I think I heard a lot about that this holiday season.

I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I can do this. And you can too!

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Door County Auctions and Sheriff’s Sales

In Door County, and really anywhere in Wisconsin, when homes are sold at auction the seller might be a bank own who owns property that the lender acquired at a sheriff’s sale because the property was foreclosed on and there were no other bidders willing to pay the amount of the former owners mortgage. The seller at an auction might also be an investor who owns many properties and is looking to sell them quickly–all at one time, or the seller may be an individual homeowner with just one property to sell.

Sometimes auction properties are neither foreclosed on or distressed, they may even be brand new. Seller’s of all walks are attracted to auctions because they are quick, efficient and they can generally get a reasonable market price.

If you have questions about Door County foreclosures, where to find information on all the Door County Sheriff’s sales, or how auctions work please email me at

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Door County’s Magic Show

The fall “changing of the leaves” in Door County is like none other, in fact, many websites declare Door County as one of the very best places in the entire United States to view nature’s magic show.

Really, who would think that we would travel miles and miles to view the leaves. When I was a little girl–six or seven as I recall–I rode the bus to school every day. The ride was about 40-45 minutes long both to and from school, and “back then” no one took their cars to school so the bus was full of kids from grade school to high school. The bus I rode was rowdy with always some sort of mischief going on. My mother, or my grandmother, (can’t remember which) told me one day to just sit quietly and watch the leaves change color because soon they would be falling off the trees.

Funny! At six or seven that was the most ridiculous thought in the world to me. I remembered that story as I drove down Cave Point Drive yesterday, the color is stunning, and I thought to myself what reaction I might get if I told my six and seven year old grandsons to just sit quietly in their bus seats and enjoy the leaves.

The Wisconsin Travel website puts us at 50% of maximum color today–so if you are planning a trip here to view the color, or if you are riding the school bus, enjoy the fall color now because in a short time all the leaves will be on the ground and gone for another year!

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